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Customize JupyterHub theme

Nebari uses a custom JupyterHub theme, nebari-dev/nebari-jupyterhub-theme. Users can further customize the theme through these available options:

Below is an example of a custom theme configuration for a GCP deployment:

### Theme ###
hub_subtitle: Your open source data science platform, hosted on Google Cloud Platform
welcome: |
Welcome! Learn about Nebari's features and configurations in <a href="">the
documentation</a>. If you have any questions or feedback, reach the team on
<a href="">Nebari's support
logo: /hub/custom/images/Nebari-Logo-Horizontal-Lockup-White-text.svg
primary_color: "#cb39ed"
secondary_color: "#2bd1c5"
accent_color: "#eda61d"
text_color: "#1c1d26",
h1_color: "#0f1015",
h2_color: "#0f1015",
navbar_text_color: "#E8E8E8",
narbar_hover_color: "#00a3b0",
navbar_color: "#1c1d26",
display_version: true
version: v2022.10.1

A demonstration os the theming customizations


To properly update the image logo, you must ensure that the provided logo field contains an accessible path to the logo. This file must be added in the JupyterHub image, or by passing a valid URL to the logo.